Friday, October 1, 2010

Coffee or Tea... Which one will it be?

Yesterday my honey and I went to Bed Bath & Beyond to price a new coffee maker... well me being the smart chick that I am, I decided to pack a few of their 20% off coupons "just in case".  That act pretty much sealed the deal that we would be getting a coffee maker that day, because lets face it, I grew up in the generation of instant satisfaction.  

When we got to the store, my honey (we will call him "C" from now on) was on a mission... He headed straight past all the normal everyday coffee makers, didn't even glance at the fancy espresso/coffee makers and went directly for the Keurig 1 cup coffee makers.  You see, I have been putting off getting a new coffee maker for 2 years because this.  All I could see is dollar signs and not how fricken convenient the little buggers are.  After what seemed like FOREVER (heehee I'm thinking of the Sandlot now) he narrowed it down to two that he liked. So, we decided he shall have both, one for work and one for home.  After picking out all the coffee blends and coffee holder thingy... we were good to go.  

Coffee anyone? 

Fast-forward to this morning... I'm no better than a crack head, I'm drinking a cup of coffee, thinking about the next cup I'm going to have.  These machines are F'ing AWESOME!! I get to choose from endless types of coffee, tea and coco and it will make me 1 perfect cup of coffee in under a minute.  No waste, no stale left overs, no real clean up.  The coffee maker when from being "his thing" to mine in one sip.  

"C" is worried that when he comes home from work I'm going to be running around like Corky Ramono... there is a VERY strong possibility that it will happen. 

I suddenly have the urge to buy a boat...

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  1. Hahaha! Those 1 serving coffee makers are awesome! Sounds like you made an awesome purchase! Very funny!

  2. HAHA! I love it! And when I get the Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons in the mail every other week I take it as a personal challenge to see just what I can buy. 20% always seems like so much! I love this post so much! Enjoy your yummy coffee while I'm at work drinking sludge. Barf!