Sunday, February 20, 2011

Twinkies... yes please!

I haven't been feeling very bloggy lately and I think it's because I'm starving craving junk food & carbs.  My husband and 7 of this co-workers have decided to have their own "biggest looser" competition.  They have their weekly weight in and who ever looses the biggest percentage of weight wins that weeks weigh in and they are about to be on week 3 of the 10 week competition.  Just incase loosing weight wasn't enough of an incentive for these guys they decided to add money into their game.  At the start of the competition they all put $10 dollars in the pot and every week whoever wins the weigh in only has to put $5 in and the rest put in another $10 dollars.... After the 10 weeks is over the total amount of money to be won is $750 dollars!!  My husband is pretty hardcore when it comes to loosing weight and getting healthy... so as he is eating an egg white omelet for breakfast I'm eating a twinkie (he hates twinkies, so I don't feel bad eating it).  I have figured I can only go a few days without some sort of junk food lol.

I've actually been pretty good about eating really healthy with him but I'm human and still eat crap when he isn't around.  I'm finding it hard to be as into his diet as he is because I don't want to loose weight but do want a healthier life style. Any suggestions on finding the right balance of support/change?  Also, what are some of your favorite low calorie snack/ meals?  Is there such a thing as a low calorie good tasting dessert??      

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow....

These are just a few photos I took of where I grew up.  It will always be my winter wonder land. 

@ Noble 

P.S. There was NO post production editing done to these photos! 

Monday, February 7, 2011

My Weekend Recap

I love my job... I really do... But often I want to punch people in the kidneys numerous times throughout a work day. I had to work all weekend and that in itself just sucks. Saturday kicked my ass, so the hubs and I decided to go out to a Hockey game where I drank 3 glasses of wine (over 4 hours) and somehow ended up kinda tipsy! I must be loosing my Irish heritage because lately my head starts to spin after just a few drinks. I had to work 1 to 5 on Sunday and well, it was semi quiet for about 30 min then I was busy for the rest of the work day. I'm currently folding laundry at 7:00 am because if I don't it now, it won't get done until my day off on Thursday.

Onto another topic, the Super Bowl.  I'm not a diehard football fan but I was a cheerleader in high school so for 4 years of my life every friday night, I was watching football. I was VERY happy to see that Green Bay won!! I got a huge laugh out of Christina screwing up the words to the Nation Anthem. I mean come ON, how does an American singer screw up the words to the National Anthem!! I think she should be deported to Cuba. What she did is practically a hate crime against America. I thought the half time show sucked, but thats just me. I think the Black Eye Peas sounded like crap live but doesn't most rap/pop music. Post production sure makes them sound nice on their CD's but live = FAIL. I guess I'm asking a bit too much of the "artists" these days by wanting them to sound good live. And for the love of God, Please Fergie, NEVER EVER utter the words to "sweet child of mine" While I'm on the kick of deporting people, I think she should go too. The only good music that happened at half time was Slash. Thank you for not sucking Mr. Slash and I'm sorry you had to hear Fergie attempt to sing and use your leg as if was a stripper pole. What did you all think of the half time show? Am I being too harsh?

I will leave you all with my favorite super bowl commercial. I hope you all had a great weekend and have an even better week!

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dear Mr. Comcast

Some of you may know that yesterday I wrote about wanting a DVR for my Comcast cable and not having any clue about what the hell a DVR is or how it works.  Well, I got a response from the "help desk" at comcast.  Here's what is said: 


Can we help? (Yes, you could help me by actually reading what I wrote, you computer generated asshat!)  If you are having problems with your Comcast Cable/DVR, feel free to send us an email. (Yes, I am having a problem with my comcast cable/DVR... I don't have one and would like one.  Will you send me a DVR for free so I can test it out and possibly tell the world how great they are?  I'm sure it's in your PR budget to give away a few things here and there, also it will be a good tax write off of your company.)  Please include your account phone number and a good contact number. We will work to resolve any issue you are having with our service. (Currently the only issue I'm having with your service is, that for the past 3 years I've had comcast and it generally sucks.  The customer "service" is horrible!!  Possibly the worst I've ever had to deal with.  I also like how on your tv commercials your company says it cares, and if your reps are late to an appointment/don't fix the problem the first visit you will credit my bill by $20 dollars ... well, let me tell you, your repair man was late (over an hour) and didn't fix my problem on the first visit (it took 2 visit and about 3 phone calls to get a resolve) and I'm still waiting to see the credit for my inconvenience.  I really don't care to have the credit, it's just that when you advertise something, I think you should follow through with it.  You may be wondering why I still have Comcast.  It's simple.  I have to have your horrible service, if I want to watch television at my apartment because it's already wired for comcast cable (and included in my rent price) and my balcony doesn't face the proper direction to get the Dish.  It's a loose, loose situation for me.  I dislike comcast very much, but not enough to not watch tv.  Also Mr. Comcast can you please help me by not making the channels go black for long periods of time, or freeze or get all weirdly digital on a daily basis?  Lastly Mr. Comcast, I'm really not a bitch, I just expect for your service to work and work property and I really don't think that's too much to ask of you is it?  If you would like to change my mind about your service, please feel free to hook me up with a DVR, a nice customer service rep (preferably one that is in the same country as me) and cable that works properly.  I will be happy to give my honest feed back to you and the blogger world again.   

Best regards, (after you read my response you can change that if you would like)
Mike Padgeon (I'm pretty sure you don't actually exist, and if you do, you had a computer auto generate this response, which is rather annoying in itself but I will give you points for trying.)
National Customer Operations (based out of India) (I highly doubt you can, but I'm willing for you to try)  

Well, just incase some of you didn't guess my response to his letter is everything in BLUE.  Do any of you have Comcast and if you do, is it as horrible to you as it is to me?  I could go on and on (which I sorta have, sorry!) about how crappy I think the company is. It all seems to boil down to they have a monopoly on this market and I'm stuck with what I've got and I think they know it, therefore nothing will ever change.