Sunday, October 17, 2010

I told you so!

I had a plan for this weekend... funny thing about me and plans... they never actually go as planned, which inadvertently should be planned on. Ya dig?

Soooo..... C and I were going to wake up no later than 7am (that's 3 extra hours of sleep), get around and head up to C's office so he could finish a huge report that is due Monday.  Then we were going to get our tickets for the hockey game later that night, swing by Bed Bath & Beyond, Target and back to the Apt to get ready for the game.  All that seems semi simple right?  Not so much. . .   
Friday night we went to sleep around 9:30 pm (still on plan).  I woke up at 3:54 (as normal) but remembered it was Saturday and I got to sleep in.  Went back to sleep... C woke up a little while later and HOLY CATS it's 9:30am!! 

Me: Didn't you set an alarm??!?! 

C: Why would I set an alarm, it's not like I thought we would sleep 12 hours. 

Me: HA! Well... we did, now what?

C: Dunno

Me: Do you still want to get into the office, or is it too late? 

C:  It's too late... I'm gonna walk Hershie (our awesome doggie), think about what you want for breakfast.  

Me: Ok, have a nice walk. 

As soon as C left, I went to my computer and started reading blogs (I need AA for my blog, twitter & Huffington post addiction).  When he came in we made breakfast and watched the history channel.  We love the show "How it's Made" which was made very apparent because there was a damn 2 hour marathon on and we watched all of it.  Now it's 12:30pm (CRAP!!)  I wanted to do the dishes before we got around because I'm spazzy that way.  I had to unload the dishwasher first, which I hate to do, so I recruited C to help me.  Somehow C decided we needed more rinse aid, which we didn't because I just filled it up.  Did he listen?? NOPE, he decided to ignore the "full line" and just keep on pouring the rise aid in.  I love the chance to say "I told you so" (it doesn't happen very often) and I could feel the words bubbling up on the tip of my tongue because I knew I was right.... 

We finally left the house around 2:30pm, picked up our tickets and went to BB&B and came home. We made it to the hockey game and it was great, unfortunately the River Kings lost.  

A little pre-game fun
Go River Kings
We finally went to bed on Saturday around 11:30pm and can you guess what time the alarm went off today... 7 Fricken AM!!!! Gurrr... I wasn't very happy.  Oh yea, btw we didn't do anything all morning.  Around noon we went up to C's office so he could email the report to himself so he could work on it at home.  We did however go grocery shopping and eat way to much delicious food at the Blue Monkey.  

Can any of you guess what C is doing while I type this post at 8:40 pm ????  His report.  So clearly getting up at 7 was payback for me trying to plan something and saying I told you so.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!  

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  1. HAHA! I tell myself pretty much EVERY weekend that I'm going to get up early to get something done. Even when I do get up early I almost always get distracted by something. I love early morning news shows. And Law & Order.

    I haven't ever been to a River Kings game - sad, since I've lived in Memphis for my entire life. I definitely want to go to one!

  2. Cutttttte picture, by the way!

  3. haha...I'm sorry. Shit happens. look on the brightside. Atleast you spent the weekend together. Whats not to love about that?

  4. Alpha, You are so right... shit does happen and the weekend was a good one :-)

  5. I totally understand. No matter what happens, I can never get what I need to get done in the weekend. I usually have a mile long list of all the things I need to get done, but there just isn't enough time!

  6. Oh my gosh, every time I try to plan my weekend out with so many things I HAVE to get done, something comes up and it all falls to pieces. And yes, I'd probably have been sidetracked by How It's Made too, that show is almost hypnotic. I can't turn away.