Monday, October 25, 2010

Support the Youth

About 3 to 4 times a year my 3 nieces send me booklets to buy something to support their school.  So far this school year I have renewed my magazine subscriptions, bought some cute Paula Dean kitchen items and just recently it was time to buy cookies.  C is trying to get in shape/loose some weigh and I'm just trying not to eat every piece of junk food in sight!  So this year I decided to support them in a different way... a way that would keep on giving.  I decided that each of my nieces should pick out what type of cookie dough they would like and I would buy it for them. The day cookie dough arrived at their school the kids were half cracked out on raw cookie dough before they got home and for the next week or so they would continue their sugar high/sugar crashes.

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies
So here's to you Brother!!  While your girls are running wild on sugar I want you to remembered how much I hated it when you tied me to the tree, convinced me I wasn't playing in poison ivy when I really was, embarrassed me in front of your/my friends, made me watch scary movie, shoved me in the pool with all my clothes on and just over all was a typical big brother.  Enjoy the cookies :-)

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P.S. Brother, what do your kids want for Christmas... choose wisely lol

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  1. LOL - sometimes brothers just are not very far-sighted! I almost need a school fund-raiser account at the bank for all the stuff they send home asking for money! Can't wait to hear what the Christmas gifts will be!