Friday, October 29, 2010

Because Voting is the New Black

I couldn't wait for my 18th birthday.  I wasn't looking forward to finally being able drive with an unrestricted drivers license or to gamble (in MI it's legal to gamble on Indian reservations at 18) or to buy cigarettes (let's face it, I had been doing that for a while lol).  I didn't even seem to care that it was the year I would to be graduating... I was finally able to VOTE!

At this point in history it wasn't "cool" to be a registered voter.  There was no "rock the vote" sponsored by MTV.  The movie stars weren't out politicking for their favorite candidate... There was just the same old mud slinging adds running on T.V. and the voting booth.  That being said, I still couldn't wait to cast my first ballot which would be in the presidential election between Gorge W and that guy who invented the Internet... what's his name... Oh-yeah Al Gore.  What an election it was ending in a supreme court ruling and all. 

Now many years later, as usual, the 2nd Tuesday in November is looming upon us and it's time to vote again.  Not for the president but for our governor, senator, and other local reps. So do your research, get out there and  vote... if you aren't the voting type, please don't complain to me about the government because I won't take your complaints seriously.  Also if you are tying to be elected to anything please don't have a name like Cookie, Shanaynay or Demontravius because I won't take you seriously either.  

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  1. Vote for change! Change is coming... Well actually change happens with or without your vote... Well actually change is always coming.. Change is inevitable.. Nothing stays the same.... so vote, not for change but for what we need...

  2. Yup, voting is definately important.