Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What's In My Bag?

I got this idea from Amber's Blog and she got the idea from Nice Girl Notes.  

Here's my purse, I got it a Delphinium Boutique

Inside view: There are lots of nifty pockets and I often loose stuff within my purse because of them. 

All of my stuff laid out:

Yes, I have 7 different types of lip stuff. I'm kinda obsessed

- 2 Victoria Secret strawberry fizz lip gloss 
- Victoria Secret lip lacquer in frosty pink
- Fresh Effects chap stick 
- Solitary Sandstone lipstick 
- Bath & Body Works Mentha Lip Shine 
- Lipsmacker Starburst chapstick 
- Bath & Body Works nail file 

- Ipod
- Season Tickets to the River Kings (I love hockey!!) 
- Trident Original, the only kind of gum I will ever chew. 

I'm like MacGyver
- Samsung Moment Phone
- Whips, mini tooth brushes on the go 
- Hand Sanitizer 
- The champagne cork from my 2nd anniversary, we had Mimosas at The Majestic 
- A watermelon Jolly Rancher 
- 2 nikon lens wipes
- 2 Chick-Fil-A hand wipes
- Advil 
- Winchester multi-purpose tool 

- 4 black ink pens... I think I'm a hoarder.  

- Two sets of my business cards

- My wallet
- Jalapenos Glasses case 
- My change purse from Her 3 Wishes in Millington, TN (inside my Library card) 

There were other things I didn't take a close of picture of, like my hair ties, makeup, "C's" energy gum, movie ticket stub... also my camera is usually in my purse, but I kinda needed it for this post.  If you couldn't tell... I needed something to write about today and well... this is what I came up with.  Hope you enjoyed getting to know me.  

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  1. That's cool and funny... well I don't have a purse... maybe a man bag perhaps or maybe I could do one using just what is in my pants... to be continued... follow the blog... heehee

  2. Oh the thought of having to do this with my own purse is terrifying! I can honestly tell you that I have more lipgloss than sephora in that bag! And I very likely have trash and receipts lining every side pocket!

  3. I like your bag! I've been searching for a new one (black) for ages!

  4. Thanks for the comments everybody!! Emily, you should check out Delphinium, it's located at G.E. Patterson and S. Main, next to the cheese cake corner. I love it there, they usually has all sorts of wonderful finds :-)