Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Things I love about Memphis

Here are just a few of the things that I love about Memphis in a very random order:

1.  The view of the city at night when you come across the Hernando DeSoto Bridge.
2.  The BBQ!!! 
3.  Beale Street (Silky O'Sullivans is my favorite place... I'm Irish what do you expect) 
4.  The Indy films and major films that come to shoot in Memphis.
5.  Memphis in May/ Music Fest.
6.  Any given weekend there is some sort of benefit happening. 
7.  St. Jude and Le Bonheur Children's Hospital 
8.  Sun Studio (I've been there three times and will soon go again, I love Johnny Cash!) 
9.  Graceland... I've never actually been there, but it's Elvis' Home... It's gotta be good. 
10.  All of the AMAZING restaurants strewn though-out the city. 
11.  Peabody Hotel.  The ducks are so cute and roof top parties aren't too shabby either.
12.  Kooky Canuck! ( If you have never tried their BBQ Egg Rolls... Do It... NOW!) 
13.  South Main & Cooper Young area.
14.  The News.  It seems they find the most ignorant/ghetto people that cannot form a proper sentence to interview... therefore making me start my day out with a laugh! This link isn't in Memphis, but it should be.  Also, there are a few different versions of this interview... One is even put to music
15.  The Memphis Police Department.  I've gotta hand it to these men and women, they really do have a difficult job.  Memphis is currently rated (nation wide) the number One for the most violent crimes and Second in murders.  In all the cities I've lived in, Memphis is the worst for straight up disrespect for the police.  So please, don't be a hater, they are just doing their job.  

Have a great day!! 

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  2. such a great list, although, I'm scared of Kooky Canuck. I dont think I will ever eat there