Sunday, March 6, 2011


Ok, the hubs and I have been on Nutrisystem for a few days now and I must admit it is actually really great!  The portions are perfect for me, and they are helping C figure out what a portion size actually is lol.  The guide is super easy to follow and we are just overall really enjoying it.  All of the food we've tried, we have really liked.  I think we have found the perfect system that will help C loose weight, me keep my sanity (no more starving/shopping/trying to figure out what to cook)!!!

Ok, onto something else... work.  I love my job but I can't say that I love all of my co-workers.  I guess I just grew up with a totally different work ethic that most of them.  I don't like people that are lazy, rude and just over all seem as if asking them to actually do their work is a huge inconvenience for them.  I'm not sure how to handle these co-workers, so I'm not.  I'm just doing my job, try not to kick them in the shin in the process and I'm (sadly) pretty sure they will soon find themselves unemployed.

Another topic... Cookies!  I am in love with the Loft House Cookies.  There has to be crack in them because I'm ADDICTED to them like nothing else... hence my nick name for them... Crack Cookies.  In the past hour, I've had 3 of them.  I'm hoping to have a sugar crash soon so I can go to bed.

 I'm already getting ready for St. Patty's Day!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nutrisystem Day 1

Hello bloggy friends, I've missed you, Hugs!  

If you read my last post, you will know that my husband is trying to loose some weight/get in shape and I have been feeling like I'm starving because of all the diet food.  Well, he decided to read my blog that day and then felt bad so he decided he/we should do Nutrisystem.  I was kinda skeptical, but I know other people that are doing it and they actually like the food and are seeing results.  So, we signed up for the family plan, some of our meals were picked for us and then we were able to choose a bunch more of our breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and dessert items.  Any diet that allows you to have ice cream, pudding, chocolate chip cookies and a bunch of other sweets is AWESOME in my book.  The hubs had his meals customized to help him loose weight and mine are to maintain a healthy balanced diet.  It cost actually less that what we spend at the grocery store per month and I don't ever have to worry about what to cook now!! Yahoo!  We received our prepackaged food just a few days later via UPS and then I panicked... I had to figure out a place to put all of the food LOL.  I cleared out two shelves in my pantry ( one for C and one for me, so we wouldn't get mixed up) and began to organize my meals then gave up because they all looked pretty dang good.  Also, all the meals are color coded (red=dinner, green=lunch... love it!)  The next day our Fresh frozen items arrived via Schwans. The freezer bags where huge and I began to panic again because I had to make space in my Freezer.  I'm typically a good planner but I've been slacking lol. 

I know, its a mess but its delicious!
In front of the bag is an 8.5x11 inch note book! 

C "organized" the deep freezer

Now we have arrived to day 1 of our Nutrisystem journey (if I planned better I would have taken pictures of todays food, but we have already discussed me being off my game lately).  Nutrisystem gives you these great books for suggestions on meals and other info with lots of helpful tips and a few shopping lists for snacks.  For breakfast, I had their version of Cherrio's with little cluster of yummy goodness and cinnamon, a cup of fresh fruit and coffee.  I could have also added a protein of sorts but I was being lazy this morning.  For lunch my co-workers talked me into having mexican food and when it come to mexican food I have little to no will power, also I'm not on a diet LOL.  By the time I got home I was hungry because I didn't plan well (does anybody else see the obvious trend here, I've got to plan better!) So for dinner I had their Salisbury Steak with Mac and Cheese.  The Salisbury Steak was rather delicious, there were fresh mushrooms in the sauce (yum!).  The Mac and cheese, was good, but I like my Mac and Cheese almost over poweringly cheese and this didn't have a super strong cheese flavor.  I spruced it up with a little salt a pepper but could have eaten it the way it came, it was pretty good.  For my favorite meal of the day, dessert, I had a pound cake.  I was sweet, moist and didn't taste like diet food!  Over all, I'm impressed with Nutrisystem and can't wait to eat tomorrow (I might even document it with photos)!  Oh-yes and for those of you that are wondering about C, he liked all of his food and he ran 5 miles today!  I'm so proud of him.  I bet he will win next weeks weight in! 

Are any of you on a diet?  If so, what have you found that works best for you?  Also have any of you tried Nutrisystem and what are your thoughts on it?      

Side Note: Nutrisystem has not asked me to blog about their products, I'm not being paid to blog about it (but I will take donations/payment/bribes to say honest things about their products) and the opinions expressed in my blog about Nutrisystem are mine and mine alone. 

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