Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fair-well Skipper

Last night was the end of an era... Bobby Cox officially retired from coaching in the MBL.  He has been coaching for longer than I've been alive.  He helped the Braves win the World Series, he has been named Manager of the Year four times as well as Manager of the Year by The Sporting News eight times and he currently holds the all-time record for most ejections from the game. 

My very first MLB game was watching my two favorite teams, Atlanta vs. Detroit.  The Braves won, and I will always remember catching a glimpse of my favorite coach give a friendly wave to the fans after the game.  Over all I could go on and on for hours about his many accomplishments and how awesome he is, but I will keep this post short, because it's about remembering an amazing coach & role model.  You will be missed Skipper!! 

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  1. Last of the Fan chanting the way for the out; Last of the outs thrown from the Pen; Last of the chop to be swung, and last of the songs sung; Last of the Skipper cast from the game; Last of cracked bats, pieces of wood and bloopers that drive the runner home. No cheers at this moment, silent has fallen over the field. End of an era, for our beloved Bobby has put his cleats in the locker; forever more. "10/10/10"