Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Favorite TV night of the Year!!

So, I'm semi obsess... ok, no, really obsessed with all things Victoria Secret.  I'm typically dressed head to toe in VS gear.  I'm not just talking about their fabulous bra's and underoos. I have their jeans, shirts, sweaters, dresses, work clothes, exercise clothes, sleep wear, shoes and well you all get the point but lets not forget about their body lotion, shower gel, makeup, hair products and all the rest of their wonderful items too.  Most days I'm a walking advertisement for them, now only if I could figure out a way to get paid or just become an actual VS Angel. 

Tonight is the night that I wait for all year, The Victoria Secret Fashion Show!!  I have been watching this show since it first aired in back 1995... it sure has changed over they years but one thing always stays the same... I get to catch a glimpse of what's to come next year.

   Tune into the VS Fashion show tonight on CBS at 10/9c

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm back

Hello All!!

I know it has been forever since my last post, but I think now for the most part I will be able to get back to blogging as usual.

Here is an update on my life for the past 10 days:

My mom flew to Memphis from MI and we drove to Sedalia, MO where my brother and his family are stationed at.  We spent the night and got up at 5 am to drive (4.5 hours) to Omaha Nebraska Medical Center, where my brother was slated to have surgery on Nov. 12th.  Well... Brother's white blood count was too high due to an infection, so surgery was cancelled.  Mom and I drove back to Sedalia, MO that same day in the RAIN!! We stayed at Brother's house for a day and drove back to Memphis the next day.  BTW did I mention we didn't fly because the doctors gave us 3 days notice of his original surgery and tickets were over 900 dollars!  So Brother's surgery was rescheduled for 6:30 am on 22nd.  Also, I had started a new part time job (more on that later) and they were semi nice about my schedule but I'm paying for it now lol.  Anyhow, on the 21st we decided to drive all the way to Omaha (11 hours)  and stay in a hotel.  We woke up at the crack of dawn just to sit in the waiting room while my bro had surgery which lasted a total of 8 hours... 8 freaking hours, but it was worth the wait because the doctors removed all of his tumors and he will hopefully be released from the hospital tomorrow with 39 new shiny (temporary) staples in his abdomen.
Thanksgiving.... Well, that was spent driving from Omaha back to Memphis.  Everything was closed on our way back to Memphis so we had Lunchable pizza's and chocolate pudding, how very festive of us lol.  I must admit it will be a Thanksgiving I will always remember.

So I have a part time job now... I was asked to be a leasing agent at the apartment community that I live at (I used to be a leasing agent before I started my own business).  Well their definition of part time and mine are a little different... everyday that I didn't spend driving or was away from Memphis, I have been working!

Anyhow, enuf of my rambling.

Hope you all had an amazing Turkey Day!!

@ Noble

P.S. Happy Birthday Daddy, I miss you every day.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hello Strangers

Ok, it seem like forever since I've written or read any blogs and I'm having serious withdrawals.  I haven't even looked at twitter or facebook until this evening, I must admit I do love all of my social networking sites but I have been just busy to keep up with them!!  I know after next week my life with clam down and I will get back to blogging as usual.  So please keep me on your reading list, I promise I will be back soon.  But for now I will leave you all with this...

I will be traveling to Nebraska to be with my brother and his family during his surgery on Monday the 22nd.  Please keep him in your thought because he will be having 5 stage 4 cancerous tumors removed from his abdomen area.  The surgery is slated to last about 10 hours and he will have 5 different lead surgeons working on him during this time.  The tumors have attached themselves major organs and arteries and it is a very high risk surgery.  The doctors are some of the best in the country and they have high hopes but I'm still scared for so many reasons... So please, if you are the praying type, pray for him, if you are into luck then send a little his way.  Thank you.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Note to all Technology

Most days technology just gives me a simple "up yours" and I'm ok with that; but today it all has been against me...it is my sworn enemy!!!  I got the idea to write a letter to my technology from one of my favorite blogs to read Airing My Dirty Laundry, One Sock At A Time, so here it goes.

Dear Cell Phone:

I love you, but I hate you!!! You are one of the most amazing phones I've ever had but what's up with dropping my calls, trying to 3 way call the person I'm speaking to without my consent, randomly switching screens, not allowing my hands free to work, refusing to allow the GPS to keep working while I'm in uncharted territory (AKA the fucking GHETTO of Memphis),  putting me on mute/speaker phone just for the hell of it, killing my battery in just a few minutes and overall just being a major pain in my ass today!  When I needed you the most you failed me, so "F" you, you might soon be replaced bitznatch... Gurrr

Dear Mac Computer:

I've had you for 5 years... I gave you life and I can take it away from you as well!  If you don't stop "freezing up", refusing to connect me to the Internet, auto correcting words (I never changed the setting to allow you to do that BTW) and refusing to allow me to get onto blogger.com for hours today I'm going to chuck you off the balcony and watch you break into a million little pieces!  I might even replace you with a P.C.  Yea, you heard me right a P.C.  Word!

Dear Ice-maker:

Just incase you didn't know you are in an apartment... that means if I bitch about you one more time you will be replaced!  Stop making weird ice and odd noises.  Also, when I turn you off, I expect you to stay off... got it?!!!

Dear Dryer:

Please, pretty please, stop making that weird noise and please dry things on the first "dry cycle"  I don't want to replace you... I really don't.  I know you and the washer make a great pair and I would never want to split you guys up. You're like Johnny Cash and June Carter, Bonnie and Clyde, Thelma and Louise, PB&J!

Dear Random technology items at Best Buy:

Best Buy is C's favorite place to shop, so next time I walk into the store and pick up an I pad, camera, and Kindle please ( I beg of you, Please!) don't set off the sensor alarm thingy.  I don't want to steal you!!  I just want to play with you and put you on my Christmas list.  You all make me feel like an ass when the same store worker has to come over to shut off the theft alarm multiple times.  I was practically on a first name basis with the dude.  I think I'm now on Best Buys Most Suspected to Steal Shit List... I'm a good person, I'm married to a cop, I promise you (items) I don't want to steal you, I just want to make sure you are worth the $$$

I hate all technology... C says technology refuses to work in my presence and insist on doing weird things (things that even experts have never seen happen to their precious items before) because I grew up in the country and I drank well water, therefore I have more iron, copper and lead (and other minerals) swimming in my veins which makes me like kryptonite to all electric devices.  Sadly, I'm starting to think he's onto something.

I hope someday I will grow out of this weird funk and technology will like to work with me because I'm open to the relationship.

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Product Review

I am a mom to an 8 year old little girl... dog that is!  C is a Memphis Police officer and one rainy night he was on patrol he saw a large cardboard box in the middle of the road.  He pulled over to remove the box from the roadway and when he picked it up he felt the weight shift.  C opened the box and found 5 little puppies, only one was still alive and she was soon named Hershie.  C and I have only been married for 939 days and well, I have taken Hershie over as my dog.  She wasn't allowed to sleep in bed, get on the couch or eat people food... well... all that has changed.  I have spoiled her!!

My little fur baby 
 Hershie & her favorite rope bone
Anyhow, I could brag about her all day long but I will get to the point of this post.  For a while now Hershie has been chewing on her paws (and no it isn't because she is in desperate need of a grooming appointment), the vet suspects she has a food allergy.  I was seriously considering making all of her meals from human food so I would know exactly what she is eating, but lets face it, C doesn't even get all homemade meals.  So, Halloween weekend we went on a mission to find her the best dog food out there!  After we checked out a few different places we decided to go to PetSmart.  We were back in the "All Natural" dog food section when a sweet lady approached us and started asking us what we wanted out of our dog food.  Well, I must say she either has a great sales pitch or Natural Balance dog food can work miracles... She did give us a doggie bag of their products to test out but C has the "go big or go home" attitude and we walked out of the store with 55 dollars worth of dog food, treats and other goodies.
Doggie Bag
Contents of the Bag, 2 types of dog good, brochure and coupon.
Natures Balance has many different formulas of their products we ended up choosing Venison and Sweet Potato, grain free, limited ingredient diet.  From everything that C & I read and the sales woman told us, this formula should help with her allergies.  By the end of this weekend she will have made the total switch over to Natures Balance food and hopefully within 2 to 4 weeks we will see a difference!  I will keep you all posted if this food is all its cracked to be or not.  Do any of you have additional advice on how to conquer dog allergies? 

@ Noble

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Fun

I'm kinda out of words today so here are some pictures of my Halloween! 

Atlanta & Texas  


C was a traitor this Halloween 

Hershie the lady bug

She isn't happy with her mommy rite now!

I'm bribing her with a treat at this moment 

Sweet little bug
Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!!  

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