Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Twilight Much?

Sunday morning I was sipping my coffee, flipping though a magazines and cruising around on blogger when  I looked up at my TV and thought the color was going out on it.  We have some crazy HD/flat screen tv ( C picked it out and I don't know anything about it rather than how to turn it on).  We have only has this television for maybe 3 years so I didn't think the color would "break" on it this soon.  (side note, I don't even know technically if the color can fade or go out of a tv but for some reason I think it can lol)  I continued to watch the guy on Fox News in hopes it was something to do with their signal not broadcasting the colors correctly, then a new dude came on the screen and the color was fine... then it went back to the other guy and the color was jacked up again.  This when of for about 3 minutes or so, back & forth, back & forth, then finally both the guys were together on a split screen and it hit me... Holy Shiznit my tv is fine, that dude is just really really white... like translucent white... like Twilight white!!  Team Wallace or Team Ryan??

I wonder if he asked for Twilight makeup?

Chris Wallace Vs. Paul Ryan

This is pix is a bonus, just because I can lol

Are any of you into the Twilight series?  If so, did you read the books first or just watch the movies?  Which book/movie is your favorite?  And are you team Jacob or team Edward??  

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  1. HAHAHA I Love this post!!! So funny. Yes, I love Twilight. I read the books first (multiple times actually). I'm actually not a fan of the movies. My favorite book is the first one. I could honestly read it over and over. Oddly enough, I have no interest in reading The Host. And I'm team Edward. I don't actually understand why there is a "team Jacob" but that discussion is for another time!

  2. Go Team America! ...wait, sorry wrong theme here..
    H. Bricks

  3. Hey I noticed that too! I was watching the same show and yeah it sure did Twilight-esque. I liked twilight for a while and still do just had a whole lot all at once.So a mini-break will do and catch up with Netflix in a few months.

  4. Haha that's awesome.

    I read the books first and finished the series shortly before the first movie came out. My favorite book is Eclipse and thus far my favorite movie is also Eclipse. However, I'm team Edward when it comes to the books and team Jacob when it comes to the movies. Kind of weird, I know.

  5. Seeing as I'm 28, I'm on no team.

    Read the series, they were enjoyable, and then I moved on to normal books. I don't get the hoopla at all.