Sunday, December 5, 2010

Take away my AmEx... Please

Every year about this time I start to wonder if I have Agoraphobia...  My mother says my problem is just a lack of patience.  In my defense my "lack of patience" is a genetic trait passed down from my father.  I hate with a passion being out in a large crowd of rude, pushy, noisy & inconsiderate people (which pretty much sums up the entire city of Memphis).  Like every year prior I always give shopping at the mall a try.  This year one outing was all it took; the screaming children, incompetent sales people, and crowds sent me running back home after just visiting one store. Which brings me to the point of this post... I have been doing all of my Christmas shopping online.  I'm finding myself a little too comfortable in my ability to whip out my AmEx card whenever I see something I like.  Today while sipping my coffee in my jammies I managed to purchase 2 pair of shoes (1 for me and 1 for C) and 3 other presents for a grand total of TOO DAMN MUCH $$$$!! Somebody, send me to Betty Ford to cure my addiction of online shopping and also stores, stop making it so easy to buy things, stop suggestion other items I might like and please for the love of God please stop offering Free Shipping...

Online Shopping, I wish I knew how to quit you.

@ Noble


  1. I got some scissors and I'm running beside the pool!

  2. I know how you feel!! 1. I hate shopping this time of year because of all of the crazies that are out and 2. Online shopping is dangerous!!! It is the #1 reason Charlie says that I can't have a credit card... apparently I am not trustworthy when it comes to shopping. What kind of shoes did you get?? May I live vicariously through you and your new purchase high?

  3. Even worse than online shopping? The RueLaLa app on my iPad. It gives me all these boutique type clothing super discounted AND my card is already on file. I always find myself "accidentally" clicking "add to cart" every time I open the damn thing. I told my boyfriend to change the password so I'd have to ask permission to log in....I'll be your roomie at Betty Ford....