Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How many days until New Years?

This year I'm excited about Christmas but I'm more excited about New Years!  The reason for my uber excitement is that C and I will be sitting on an island south of Cuba sipping champagne while watching fireworks explode over the ocean at the strike of midnight!! We are going to the Cayman Islands and I'm totally stoked.  This is the first real trip C and I will be taking together.  We have been all over the United States together, but this is the first time we will use our passports together and even flying together (we love road trips).  I have been counting down ever since I purchased our airline tickets and now we are just 22 days away from our beach paradise (we are arriving on the 30th).  We are going to be staying at the Cayman Brac Reef Resort.  We chose Cayman Brac because of it's awesome scuba diving/snorkeling locations.  Also, this island is less commercial (read less expensive) than Grand Cayman.  There are tons of activities to do on the island and I can't wait to concur them all!

In my last post I mentioned I bought 2 pair of shoes... they were water shoes for this trip.  You must wear water shoes when out in the ocean because of all the hard coral.   C's shoes were easy to find, I pulled up a few pair online and he said "umm yea sure I like those..."  I was done shopping for him in under 10 min.  Now finding shoes for me is always a problem.  I don't know what the crap is wrong with me, most shoes just don't fit right.  My feet aren't weird or anything... they are both the same size (7.5) and all my toes are in the right place.  My mom always said it was b/c I had skinny chicken feet but I don't think that's it either lol. 

Anyhow, before I show you a picture of my new shoes I must also explain my love for toe socks... I have been wearing them ever since I could put them on.  I have an obsession with them!  So when I found a shoe that also shared my love for toe socks I knew I must have them.   

Nobody that I've showed these to have shared my love or even my like for them... but that's ok with me because I'm ok with being different!

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  1. I love these! I have a friend who has a pair and he wears them out to the bars sometimes! How fun. Your trip sounds like a blast.

  2. Those shoes are crazy!!!! They made me laugh. I want you to take a picture with them on when you get them!!!! Your trip sounds amazing. I would like to go on a trip too!!

  3. Those are some crazy shoes and I'm jealous of your exotic New Year's celebration trip! One note on the shoes,I guess they are pretty functional. This past Saturday while waiting for my dad to finish the St. Jude marathon,I saw this runner cross over the finish line,I happen to look down and she was wearing those same shoes! SO the next marathon you do,you could totally wear those shoes!

  4. First things first: I'm SO jealous you are going on a wonderfully warm vacay while I'm in Memphis.

    As for the shoes... thooooose shoes. When my friend and I started running together she wanted to get a pair. I quickly told her that I would stop all routine-age if she did. Apparently someone else told her that they didn't like them either so she didn't get them.

    I don't know why I dislike them so much... They remind me of Ninja Turtles and Ninja turtles make me happy. Apparently A + B does not equal C.

  5. SOO jealous! I am counting down to New Year's at my house...which sounded glorious until I read about your plans. Have the best time ever!

  6. That is going to be such an awesome trip!!!