Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I moved to the South for a reason... it's warmer.  I would have moved even further south but A. my husband is here and B. I still like to see a little bit of spring, fall and winter.  I'm am always cold!  I (literally) get chilly on a tropical island when I'm in the shade on a 110 degree day.  So, the recent cold snap in Memphis is just mean.  I thought the South and I had an understanding... apparently NOT!  What the crap is up with the talk of freezing rain/sleet tomorrow?!?  Nothing is supposed to be falling from the sky in a solid form or freezing to anything until at least January, and then it should be melting a few days later.  When I saw ICE on the sidewalk yesterday, I almost cried.   I'm from Michigan and know all about winter.  Growing up where I did, I have become an expert in all things winter.  Also, when my brother was stationed in Fairbanks Alaska, we went to visit him in the fracking winter time.  The high most days was -36 with a low of -52.  I threw coffee outside and watched it freeze before it hit the ground... It may not be that cold in Memphis right now, but yesterday sure felt like it.

Sayonara Michigan Winter


  1. It has turned rather cold quickly. Last night the hubs and I slept with a giant pile of blankets on us because we were so cold! We should head to Starbucks again to fight off the cold with warm drinks!

  2. Nikki, I'm always up for Starbucks... you name the location and time I'll be there! Also we need to mess around with cameras one of these days too.