Monday, September 27, 2010

Crack Head Frogger

Do you remember the video game Frogger? 
(if you don't, shame on you)

Every time I turn from Danny Thomas onto Poplar Avenue, it's like Frogger, but instead of the cute little green frog, its a crack head trying to make its way through traffic.  Crack heads flood the street at this intersection... I find this rather annoying... there are cross walks for a reason people. At first, I would slow way down and let them cross.  After doing this a time or two, I got fed up, cuz I'm pretty sure they couldn't walk slower if they tried.  So now, I turn the corner and stomp on the gas pedal.  Some of the seasoned crack heads see me coming and know I'm not F'ing around and stay on the curb or in the cross walk.  Others haven't gotten the hint yet and they will try to test me... sucks to be them, cuz I always win.  Once they get close enuf to see the crazed look in my eye, they realize I'm not going to slow down.  It's like all of a sudden they are being chased by the police and haul ass out of my way.  Just to let you know... I have a perfect driving record.  I actually have never been pulled over either.  I however have been hit by a deer, it ran into the side of my suv... Jerk!  To sum this post up,  I hope you laugh a little when you drive through that intersection and think of crack head frogger.  Also, I promise to do my best to not show up on the evening news for running one of them down.  

@ Noble 


  1. HAHA! I play a version of this game to and from work on a daily basis! It frustrates me to NO end that people don't utilize the crosswalks! On another note: have you seen the crazy dancing man on poplar? I can't think of the crossroads... next time I see him I'll try to remember so you can see this sweet little gem, too!

  2. I haven't seen the crazy dancing guy... Ohhh I can't wait to witness some more of Memphis' talent hahaha!