Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Favorite TV night of the Year!!

So, I'm semi obsess... ok, no, really obsessed with all things Victoria Secret.  I'm typically dressed head to toe in VS gear.  I'm not just talking about their fabulous bra's and underoos. I have their jeans, shirts, sweaters, dresses, work clothes, exercise clothes, sleep wear, shoes and well you all get the point but lets not forget about their body lotion, shower gel, makeup, hair products and all the rest of their wonderful items too.  Most days I'm a walking advertisement for them, now only if I could figure out a way to get paid or just become an actual VS Angel. 

Tonight is the night that I wait for all year, The Victoria Secret Fashion Show!!  I have been watching this show since it first aired in back 1995... it sure has changed over they years but one thing always stays the same... I get to catch a glimpse of what's to come next year.

   Tune into the VS Fashion show tonight on CBS at 10/9c

@ Noble


  1. Oooh yay, I'll have to watch it! I too feel I'm going to become obsessed with all things VS after I order that coat!

  2. Victoria's Secret is quite wonderful. I've never watched the fashion show, but I obviously must now!! Can't wait!

  3. My moms worked for VS since I was 8yrs old. I'm like a walking advertisement for them! Pink is the best and I don't even know how people wear bras and panties from other places....it gives me chills....