Friday, November 5, 2010

Product Review

I am a mom to an 8 year old little girl... dog that is!  C is a Memphis Police officer and one rainy night he was on patrol he saw a large cardboard box in the middle of the road.  He pulled over to remove the box from the roadway and when he picked it up he felt the weight shift.  C opened the box and found 5 little puppies, only one was still alive and she was soon named Hershie.  C and I have only been married for 939 days and well, I have taken Hershie over as my dog.  She wasn't allowed to sleep in bed, get on the couch or eat people food... well... all that has changed.  I have spoiled her!!

My little fur baby 
 Hershie & her favorite rope bone
Anyhow, I could brag about her all day long but I will get to the point of this post.  For a while now Hershie has been chewing on her paws (and no it isn't because she is in desperate need of a grooming appointment), the vet suspects she has a food allergy.  I was seriously considering making all of her meals from human food so I would know exactly what she is eating, but lets face it, C doesn't even get all homemade meals.  So, Halloween weekend we went on a mission to find her the best dog food out there!  After we checked out a few different places we decided to go to PetSmart.  We were back in the "All Natural" dog food section when a sweet lady approached us and started asking us what we wanted out of our dog food.  Well, I must say she either has a great sales pitch or Natural Balance dog food can work miracles... She did give us a doggie bag of their products to test out but C has the "go big or go home" attitude and we walked out of the store with 55 dollars worth of dog food, treats and other goodies.
Doggie Bag
Contents of the Bag, 2 types of dog good, brochure and coupon.
Natures Balance has many different formulas of their products we ended up choosing Venison and Sweet Potato, grain free, limited ingredient diet.  From everything that C & I read and the sales woman told us, this formula should help with her allergies.  By the end of this weekend she will have made the total switch over to Natures Balance food and hopefully within 2 to 4 weeks we will see a difference!  I will keep you all posted if this food is all its cracked to be or not.  Do any of you have additional advice on how to conquer dog allergies? 

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  1. First of all, Hershie is so so cute!! And what a sad/wonderful story of her rescue! My dog Buddy doesn't have allergies, but Lola my parents dog does. She is allergic to lots of things. They thought it was food, so Lola went to MedVet (on Gtwn Parkway) and got tested. It turned out she was allergic to feathers and some types of grass and some other things. Anyways, the food both babies eat is Blue Buffalo sweet potato and fish (comes in a red bag). Both dogs LOVE it and they told me its what a lot of the people at Petsmart feed their dogs. I think it is also really good for them.
    Oh, and for her paws, they have these medicated wipes that you use to wipe their paws, because yeast builds up in them are you wipe their paws and it is suppose to make it better (I have a lot of knowledge on the subject of pup allergies). But I would suggest a trip to MedVet so you can know for sure what it is. Good luck, and let me know how things are going! You can email me too if you have an intense desire for more on Lola's allergies...

  2. awww what a cutie!! my sammy has terrible allergies- i think he's allergic to grass too. i dont have much advice to give though. we just give him benadryl and have made several emergency vet trips due to allergic reactions! hope the food helps!

  3. You're dog is adorable and props to your boy for saving the dog (mine are rescues too). I'm really lucky my dogs don't have any allergies so i can buy them the cheap dog food. Unfortunately, I am (technically) allergic to them so i have to buy me a good vacuum cleaner and tons of pet allergens stuff.