Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm back

Hello All!!

I know it has been forever since my last post, but I think now for the most part I will be able to get back to blogging as usual.

Here is an update on my life for the past 10 days:

My mom flew to Memphis from MI and we drove to Sedalia, MO where my brother and his family are stationed at.  We spent the night and got up at 5 am to drive (4.5 hours) to Omaha Nebraska Medical Center, where my brother was slated to have surgery on Nov. 12th.  Well... Brother's white blood count was too high due to an infection, so surgery was cancelled.  Mom and I drove back to Sedalia, MO that same day in the RAIN!! We stayed at Brother's house for a day and drove back to Memphis the next day.  BTW did I mention we didn't fly because the doctors gave us 3 days notice of his original surgery and tickets were over 900 dollars!  So Brother's surgery was rescheduled for 6:30 am on 22nd.  Also, I had started a new part time job (more on that later) and they were semi nice about my schedule but I'm paying for it now lol.  Anyhow, on the 21st we decided to drive all the way to Omaha (11 hours)  and stay in a hotel.  We woke up at the crack of dawn just to sit in the waiting room while my bro had surgery which lasted a total of 8 hours... 8 freaking hours, but it was worth the wait because the doctors removed all of his tumors and he will hopefully be released from the hospital tomorrow with 39 new shiny (temporary) staples in his abdomen.
Thanksgiving.... Well, that was spent driving from Omaha back to Memphis.  Everything was closed on our way back to Memphis so we had Lunchable pizza's and chocolate pudding, how very festive of us lol.  I must admit it will be a Thanksgiving I will always remember.

So I have a part time job now... I was asked to be a leasing agent at the apartment community that I live at (I used to be a leasing agent before I started my own business).  Well their definition of part time and mine are a little different... everyday that I didn't spend driving or was away from Memphis, I have been working!

Anyhow, enuf of my rambling.

Hope you all had an amazing Turkey Day!!

@ Noble

P.S. Happy Birthday Daddy, I miss you every day.


  1. I'm so glad your brother's surgery went well! I think that supporting your family is the epitome of Thanksgiving and lunchables pizzas are delicious! Congrats on the job.

  2. Glad it all went well!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Hooray for a crazy Thanksgiving and most of all the surgery going well for your brother! Good luck at work! Have a good week lady.

  4. I'm SO glad your brother's surgery went well! That has to make for the best Thanksgiving ever! That and the chocolate pudding, of course...