Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Top Ten

Here are the Top Ten reasons that have been keeping me from Blogging (in random order).

1.  Work:  I find that I have little to no desire to turn on my computer after I've been on one most of the day.  Also, most days I bring some form of work home with me and there goes my night. 

2.  House:  Since becoming a home owner I've found out that A). it doesn't clean itself and B). lawn care is a bitch.  Granted that my husband does help but all the weeding, edging, pruning and watering takes for f*cking ever.  Once you think you've done a really good job of weeding out the flower beds there is tomorrow to remind you that you haven't actually done a damn thing because there are a million new weeds.  

3.  Social Media:  When I do decide to turn on my computer there are so many other sites that steal my interested because they are so mind numbingly easy to use and addicting.  I swear the devil invented Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.  

4.  I feel like I'm starving:  As soon as I get home I'm ready to eat... which doesn't happen because my husband (who only gets home an hour before me) never thinks to start dinner.  By the time dinner and dishes are done it's almost 8pm and well after the sun goes down, so does my drive to do anything. 

5.  My Cell Phone: It has amazing apps for everything so I never have to turn on my computer.  I could write my blog from my cell phone, but come on lets be realistic, I will never write more than a 3 sentence email on my phone so there is no way I will ever write a post on it. 

6.  The Husband:  Nuff said

7.  Booze: Drinking and Blogging are probably not a good idea.  Since I deal with some of the most incompetent & irritating people on the face of the planet, I drink sometimes a lot.  

8.  Cleaning:  Ooohhh the cleaning!  I hate to clean but can't stand to see things dirty or cluttered.  Living with a man means I'm always cleaning something.  

9.  Books: Since I have an app for Amazon on my phone, book buying has been  little too easy.  In the last month I've bough a total of  11 books which I've read 4 of.

10. My Brain: It's broken.  I'm sure of it.  

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