Monday, September 10, 2012

Landscaping Project

I wish I could take credit for bringing my front yard to life but I can't... 
The only thing I did was write the check. 


This is the landscaping that came with the house
The tree died after the winter
We replaced the tree and added a few flowers

Taking a new shape
Rock boarder
Continuation of the rock boarder

I can't wait to watch my plants grow up and fill in
The landscaper left room for us to plant flowers
Knock out roses anchor the corners 
The landscaper put in  Cherry Tree
Rocks all the way back & shrubs to cover the ugly meters & gas lines

Our fancy new landscaping was brought to you by: Rough Edge Concepts.  If you live in the Memphis area and like what you see, give them a call at: 901.626.4780.  

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