Sunday, February 20, 2011

Twinkies... yes please!

I haven't been feeling very bloggy lately and I think it's because I'm starving craving junk food & carbs.  My husband and 7 of this co-workers have decided to have their own "biggest looser" competition.  They have their weekly weight in and who ever looses the biggest percentage of weight wins that weeks weigh in and they are about to be on week 3 of the 10 week competition.  Just incase loosing weight wasn't enough of an incentive for these guys they decided to add money into their game.  At the start of the competition they all put $10 dollars in the pot and every week whoever wins the weigh in only has to put $5 in and the rest put in another $10 dollars.... After the 10 weeks is over the total amount of money to be won is $750 dollars!!  My husband is pretty hardcore when it comes to loosing weight and getting healthy... so as he is eating an egg white omelet for breakfast I'm eating a twinkie (he hates twinkies, so I don't feel bad eating it).  I have figured I can only go a few days without some sort of junk food lol.

I've actually been pretty good about eating really healthy with him but I'm human and still eat crap when he isn't around.  I'm finding it hard to be as into his diet as he is because I don't want to loose weight but do want a healthier life style. Any suggestions on finding the right balance of support/change?  Also, what are some of your favorite low calorie snack/ meals?  Is there such a thing as a low calorie good tasting dessert??      

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  1. When it comes to chips and dip, I usually trade out the heavy fat dips for something like Guacamole, or cottage cheese with pineapple.

    I'm not really a cake eater so that doesn't effect me as much. As for breakfast I try to treat myself with a Cranberry - Almond cereal from Post. The difference is I don't use regular milk I use Silk, which is an Almond milk with vanilla flavor. Half the calories of milk and it has it's own sweetness. Add in blueberries and strawberries and it actually feels more like a treat than breakfast.

    Drinks are either cold brewed tea with no sugar or diet caffeine free Coke.

    Sound like I'm suffering? I do give allow myself the occasional junk food trip as a treat. I've found if I outright deny myself, it feels like a punishment. If it's there for whenever, it comes down to a choice, which gives me more control (strange but true.

    In the end it has to be about your comfort. If you feel like you're punishing yourself you won't eat healthy just because. (Hugs)Indigo