Monday, February 7, 2011

My Weekend Recap

I love my job... I really do... But often I want to punch people in the kidneys numerous times throughout a work day. I had to work all weekend and that in itself just sucks. Saturday kicked my ass, so the hubs and I decided to go out to a Hockey game where I drank 3 glasses of wine (over 4 hours) and somehow ended up kinda tipsy! I must be loosing my Irish heritage because lately my head starts to spin after just a few drinks. I had to work 1 to 5 on Sunday and well, it was semi quiet for about 30 min then I was busy for the rest of the work day. I'm currently folding laundry at 7:00 am because if I don't it now, it won't get done until my day off on Thursday.

Onto another topic, the Super Bowl.  I'm not a diehard football fan but I was a cheerleader in high school so for 4 years of my life every friday night, I was watching football. I was VERY happy to see that Green Bay won!! I got a huge laugh out of Christina screwing up the words to the Nation Anthem. I mean come ON, how does an American singer screw up the words to the National Anthem!! I think she should be deported to Cuba. What she did is practically a hate crime against America. I thought the half time show sucked, but thats just me. I think the Black Eye Peas sounded like crap live but doesn't most rap/pop music. Post production sure makes them sound nice on their CD's but live = FAIL. I guess I'm asking a bit too much of the "artists" these days by wanting them to sound good live. And for the love of God, Please Fergie, NEVER EVER utter the words to "sweet child of mine" While I'm on the kick of deporting people, I think she should go too. The only good music that happened at half time was Slash. Thank you for not sucking Mr. Slash and I'm sorry you had to hear Fergie attempt to sing and use your leg as if was a stripper pole. What did you all think of the half time show? Am I being too harsh?

I will leave you all with my favorite super bowl commercial. I hope you all had a great weekend and have an even better week!

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  1. We didn't watch any of the Superbowl. We aren't football people (we prefer Tiger basketball). I didn't see any of the commercials, but I did see this on another blog!


  2. I think everyone feels that way about their jobs at some time or another!