Monday, January 31, 2011

Mystical Creature

Caribou coffee gets me going in the morning... I think if I didn't have my amazing Keurig coffee maker I would be an enormous (but groggy) raving lunatic in the morning.  I'm naturally a night owl, I quite sure it's genetic, since my mom is the same way.  However being a night owl has it's draw back... yes I know,  you are probably thinking but you get to watch all the good TV shows late at night, how can their be any draw backs?  Well let me tell you, when C's alarm starts buzzing at me at 4:30 am... It's a draw back!  Luckily his alarm is not within arms reach of me because if it was, I would probably whip it at the wall. This morning, I drug myself out of bed and like a zombie made my way to the coffee maker, after just a few seconds I had hot coffee and could finally function.  I don't actually have to get up this early, I sorta choose to because without me C is lost in the mornings (his words not mine).  For a while I tried sleeping in but day after day of hearing C clunk around in the kitchen, turn on every fracking light in the apt (and leave most of them on after he left) and forget most of the things that are imperative for him to work i.e.: his gun and badge, cell phone and other police related nonsense.  I just gave up and decided that it's better to get up, get him out the door and then try to go back to sleep for a few hours after he leaves... well that really didn't work either.  Once I'm up, I need coffee, once I drink coffee I'm wired and ready to go.

So today, I've decided to stop fighting the obvious and get a DVR.  What?! Yup, your read that right, I think my tendencies to stay up way to late are to watch stupid television.  I love watching the shows that come on after 9 pm and will typically stay up till 10 or 11 pm, which means I don't get a lot of sleep.  I think a DVR would solve all of my problems.  Also, C says he doesn't sleep very well until I come to bed, so honey if you are reading this... HINT HINT... get me a DVR stat.   I don't really know much about DVR's or if it works with stupid Comcast Cable but please find me something to record Castle and other non-sense programs so I can go to bed early.  Do any of you have a DVR or something like it?  If so, I would love your feed back, because I'm clueless about them.  Do you just buy the thing and hook it up and that's it?  Is their a monthly cost for the thing? Is there more than one type of DVR... are they even called DVR's? Help! DVR's are like mystical creatures to me, I've heard about their amazing powers but have yet to see it for myself.

Hope you all have an amazing week!!

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  1. Alethea,

    Can we help? If you are having problems with your Comcast Cable/DVR, feel free to send us an email. Please include your account phone number and a good contact number. We will work to resolve any issue you are having with our service.

    Best regards,
    Mike Padgeon
    National Customer Operations

  2. I have no knowledge of this DVR talk. We just got Netflix!! The only thing on real TV I ever watch is Gossip Girl.

    PS: Would Love to have coffee ASAP!!