Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy New Year... ok I'm a little late

Hello Everybody!!  This is my first day back to blogger since last year.  I think starting the first 10 days of my new year on a beautiful island has sucked all the ambition out of me.  I much prefer to be sitting in the ocean drinking a fruity rum drink... Enough remising about the ocean because I will stop writing again and I miss blogging and reading all of your awesome blogs.  Speaking of awesomeness, check THIS out, if you don't, you are probably the type of person to kick a puppy (j/k).

Anyhow, I've pretty much forgotten how to write/exists as a city dweller so please enjoy a few photos of our trip while I learn to get my "land legs" back.

Flying over Cuba
A mango bigger than my head!
Chaz in a cave
We just had to smoke a Cuba cigar!
Us just off shore
Part of our Beach... yes, it's really this beautiful
Mini Rock Climbing in my goofy shoes.
Getting certified for Scuba in the pool
Wild Life 
I'm actually sitting in the water drinking a CayBrew
The 140 drop off Bluff 
One on the many beautiful sunsets! 

If you like any of the pictures above I seriously suggest you plan a trip to the Brac Reef Beach Resort. The resort has the luxurious rooms, beautiful seaside landscape, a super friendly staff, a tranquil spa and the most amazing food!!

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  1. Your pictures look like postcards! Beautiful! Glad you had a great trip, but glad you're back to blogging. I might just have to plan a trip there soon...

  2. WOW!! That looks amazing!! I knew I should have figured out a way to tag along!!! So glad your back now!! I was just thinking about you the other night! Thought maybe you moved to the island. Perhaps now that I am unemployed, I can take a permanent vacation there. Sure would be nice and I know Charlie would like Cuban cigars! Looks like you two had so much fun!!!!

  3. Nikki, we may or may not have brought back two Cubans with us... the boy may or may not have to have a small party on our balcony one day when it warms up ;-)

  4. Hey welcome back! Now I'd like 10 days on a tropical island please :) I had a 4 day vacation of being sickly,(oh and snow!?!?)but ya know naps are so underrated.And the pictures would not be nearly as pretty as yours,looks like ya'll had a great time!