Saturday, July 2, 2011

Buying things for something that is yet to be bought

Still no word that we actually have a home loan and we will be closing in 9 days... I'm freaking loosing it!!  The not knowing is driving me nuts... I've been working 11 hour days just so I don't have time to think about not having an official "yes" on our house.  The loan guy Nick, is all, "things are great, just a few more steps, it's all good, oopsie I need this form and that form and these records and so on..."  If Nick was closer I would probably have a been arrested for stalking and/or assault by now.  I don't understand how he is all calm and collected and keeps saying everything looks great but refuses to give us a 100% guarantee that everything thing is officially approved.  Chaz and I have been so anxious lately we needed a good stress relieving cure... Retail Therapy.

We have been checking online for all the great 4th of July sales since our new house didn't come with a Refrigerator.  We had narrowed it down to 2 fridges that we were very interested in.  Last night we decided that we would go look at them and see which store had the best price.  The first stop was HHGregg.  Now, let me give you a little back story about myself: I don't like to be bothered when I'm shopping.  If I want a sales person's opinion, help or conversation I will ask for it... if not, leave me to hell alone (please and thank you)!!  I tend to be able to repel sales people in under 3 seconds.  My husband on the other hand somehow always attracts the most obnoxious friendly sales people (the hubs is much nicer than I am btw).  He will chat with them and make them do their job (I guess he wants them to prove worthy of their commission).  He will ask questions to which he already knows the answer to, get their opinions on which item, is the best and have a nice polite conversation.  This shopping trip to HHGregg was just like all the others, we walked in the door, I eyed what we wanted and went straight for it, just to be intercepted half way to my idea purchase.  Sales Man "Hi, welcome to HHGregg, how can I help you?" Me:  "I'm fine thanks, If I need help..." Midway thought my sentence I've already started walking away from my husband & sales person who is now chatting about the newest 3D cell phone.  I went and look at what we had already pick out online, while the guys chit chat about this fridge and that fridge.  What seems like an eternity they finally make their way over to me.  Sales Guy, says the two that I'm looking at are great choices, no shit Sherlock, that's why I'm looking at them, I give a half annoyed smile. Chaz on the other hand starts asking his questions and Sales Guy points out that his moms (he literally said MOMS, with an "s" even though he's only speaking of his singular mother, Memphis is so ghetto).  Has one of the fridges, he being a great sales person wants to show me pictures of how much food it can hold.  He whips out his cell phone and was ohhh so proud of all the crap packed into the fridge (I'm repulsed because there wasn't a single fruit or veggie, but that's a story for another day).  But don't forget, the attached freezer has tons of space too... "look you can fit 7 frozen pizzas in the little trap door."  I really want this trip to be over, Chaz can see that I want to leave, so he says we have to think about it and we will come back tomorrow if this is the place we want to purchase from.  Sales Guy would not be defeated and said we had to meet a person before we left because this person would hook us up with a great deal (WTF, is a drug deal about to happen?!).  The person was his boss and the deal was an extra 50 dollars off since it was our first time in the store.  Also, they had some deal that if we found the fridge less expensive (within 30 days of purchase) they would match the price and then some.  I didn't know if I could take much more of their used car sales tactics, I prayed to the little voices in my head for this horribly annoying trip to just to end and finally it did when Chaz, said "Ok, go write it up."  I was saved!! I didn't even care that we weren't doing the responsible thing by shopping around.  It was over, we got the fridge that we wanted and I didn't have to be tortured by anymore sales people that night.  Also, my new fridge comes with it's very own Chardonnay holder.  Most people would call it a 2 liter pop holder but all I can see there is a big bottle of white wine! 

What the best or worst shopping trip you've ever been on?


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  1. 1. My moms {bahaha sorry, had to} also has this fridge. It is incredible but it doesn't make as much ice as she's used to. But she's a picky little heifer.

    2. You crack me up. I hate talking to sales people but they laaaahuuuuuv talking to me.

    Hope you like your new fridge!