Sunday, June 5, 2011

Home sweet home?

Let me start off by saying it's all HGTV's fault.  Every time I watch one of their shows I end up on looking at houses and every day I'm more and more sure that we are ready for a house.  I had been bugging the hubs for quite some time to just drive around and look for houses with me, finally he gave in and off we went.  I had my eye on house in particular and we were approaching the drive I was getting excited but then my dreams were crushed when the For Sale sign was replaced by a big fat red SOLD sign (ouch, dagger straight to the heart, internet you lied to me!).  So from there we just drove around and we came across this house and I was in love.  (side note: I grew up surrounded by 40 acres of woods and want a house out in the country!)

This house come with 5 acres of woods and lost of bonuses 
I saw the trees, the front porch, 2 stories and I was sold... then I googled it and saw the price tag of OMG almost a half a million dollars!!!  Sadly a police officer doesn't get paid good enough to live in the "dream home". 

So our search continued.  I thought Chaz was just driving in the most obscure places to piss me off.  We kept coming across houses like these:  
It was 800sqft our apt. is 1200!
Ok, Now I know I sound like a brat but our apartment is newer construction and I'm used to certain things, like central air condition, no bars on the windows or doors, no drug raids going on next door.  I really don't ask for that much.  Then after we got out of the ghetto (thats the funny thing about memphis, you will be driving around seeing half million dollar homes and then a block later you are in the slums, no joke), we followed the signs to a neighborhood that was mostly all new construction.  I perked up and felt safe enough to unlocked the doors and then I saw my dream home.  

Yup that's my SVU in the drive and it looks good! 
It's a simple 3 bedroom 2 bath home.  It has a great kitchen, living space, bonus room upstairs, 2 car garage.  The master bath has a jetted whirlpool soaking tub that is huge, double vanities, separate shower and large walk in closet!  I'm totally in love... now only if we knew how to buy a house. Chaz and I have ZERO debt, so to choose to go into debt for 30 years freaks me out, ALOT!!  Also, I have no clue as to what I'm doing.  I got online and googled "how to buy our pretty dream home" there were many helpful website but I'm afraid we aren't going to get a pre-approval for a mortgage in time and this gem is going to be sold and we will never find a house as perfect as this one.  The realtor said the builder was very motivated to sell (which translates to me OMG HURRY UP, cuz it's going to be gone soon!!).  I just want to send an email to the builder and let him know it's our dream home and for him to wait for us to figure out how in the hell to get a mortgage so we can buy his pretty home.  Think that will work?  Do any of you have any tips on how to buy a house?  How to find a mortgage?  How to re-build a broke heart if this house gets sold to somebody rather than us?  

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  1. This is actually misssrobin from The Mess that is My life, but for some reason I can't comment in any useful way on blogspot with embedded comments.

    First, thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Second, and I know you're not going to want to hear this, but if you miss this house there will be others. There will be another one you will fall in love with. There will be another one that will be perfect for you. (Although, I've got to say, that first one is to die for.)

    Sorry I don't have any tips on buying a house. My dad helped us and just basically said to be at the bank at a certain time to sign papers. It's okay, he sucks in other ways. Don't be jealous.

    Best wishes on the house hunting/buying. I hope you find something wonderful, get a great deal, and live happily ever after.

  2. TAKE. YOUR. TIME. Remember that if this one sells, then it's NOT your dream home and another will pop up and educate, educate, educate... Get house Buying for Dummies or something. And remember, house debt is good debt, but consider a15-year rather than 30 year. Call around to mortgage brokers and sit with them and have them explain it all to you. They should be willing to do that!

  3. I wish I could offer you some good advice, but I have yet to buy a house. My boyfriend and I keep looking but the thought of the debt and the housing market is still freaking me out. I don't want to be stuck any where.

    I wish you the best of luck!

  4. haha! How to buy our pretty dream home! it! The debt is actually an investment...well, that's what I hear.