Monday, May 30, 2011


Tonight is another all new episode of the Bachelorette!!  

Here's a little recap of last week:


Bentley: is an ASS!  I'm gonna hate to love to watch this train wreck unfold.   

Ryan P: is the one she gave the first impression rose to and therefore in my mind they will be in love forever.  I don't know why, I just see those two together.  

Tim:  Got so drunk he passed out and was carried out by some of the other guys.  END of his journey 

Jeff:  They guy is in a mask... he says he's doing it so Ashley can get to know the real him, she bought it and kept him around.  I have a feeling he will be going home soon. 

Ames:  Gave Ashley tickets to the ballet, they must have been good tickets, because she kept him around too.  

West:  has the sympathy vote from America now because his wife died.  

The other guys didn't do anything to stand out enough for me to remember them an entire week later.  

Make sure to tune into ABC tonight a 8/7c 

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